Upcoming Projects

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Cherry Docs by David Gow 

Cave Canem Productions will produce Cherry Docs by Canadian playwright David Gow, as a guest production in Pacific Theatre's season April 5 - April 28, 2019. Directed by Richard Wolfe. Featuring John Voth & Kenton Klassen.

In a time of accelerating polarization, Cave Canem is all about reaching across divided lines. Last year we explored this in the context of the family with a wild production of The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh. With Cherry Docs we will explore similar themes across culture and ideology:

Danny is an ambitious Jewish defense lawyer who believes in liberal values and the common good. When he is assigned the case of a young neo-Nazi accused of murder, Danny finds himself defending the life of a man who wishes him dead.

 Will the two of them be able to recognize their shared humanity or will they tear each other apart?

Cherry Docs, a finalist for the Chalmers Play Award, is an unblinking examination of hatred, the explosive effect it has on our society, and the hurdles that confront us as we set about eradicating it.

In an ideal world I’d see you eliminated. In this world I need you more than anyone.
— Mike Downey (Cherry Docs)

Laughing Matters - A Comedy Documentary

In Post Production

Very large man, John Voth, travels the world in search of the answer to the question: What's so funny? Join him as he goes to various countries including Ireland, Italy, and Mexico exploring why humour is such an integral part of culture and the role comedians fulfill in society. 


Past Projects

The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh

October 20 - November 11 2017 (Presented as a Guest Production in Pacific Theatre's 2017/18 season.)

Brothers Coleman and Valene can’t seem to co-exist without sudden outbreaks of violence over the pettiest concerns. When their doubt-ridden parish priest attempts to bring reconciliation, their confessions quickly turn from earnest offerings into weapons in a hilarious and dark race to the bottom. 

The Lonesome West is a Tony nominated play written by Martin McDonagh the acclaimed writer of In Bruges, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriSeven Psychopaths, and The Pillowman.

Directed by Evan Frayne. Featuring John Voth, Kenton Klassen, Sebastien Archibald, and Paige Louter. Set Design by Sandy Margaret, Lighting by Phil Miguel, Costumes by Kaitlin Williams, and Sound Design by Matthew Macdonald-Bain. Stage Management by Shelby Bushell.

The production received rave reviews, was named one of the Top 10 Best of Vancouver Theatre in 2017 by Vancouver Presents, and was nominated for three Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards including Outstanding Production, Outstanding Performance by an Actor - Kenton Klassen, and Outstanding Performance by an Actor - John Voth. 

"The Lonesome West is fecking grand." - Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"The Lonesome West blazes with lethal verve, not to mention brawling and booze." - Darren Barefoot, The Georgia Straight

"These are four excellent performers." - Jo Ledingham

"Because it’s so energetic, surprising, and rhythmic—the feckin’ “fecks” snap through the dialogue like beats on a snare drum—that the texture of the piece is seductive." - Colin Thomas

"In all, one of the best-knit casts I've seen in the past year." - Baird Blackstone, Broken Leg Reviews

"The combined talents of John Voth, Kenton Klassen, Paige Louter and Sebastien Archibald lend themselves to a mesmerizing performance which sucks the audience up, chews them around for a bit and spits them back out dazed but not confused. Moments of immense sensitivity are juxtaposed with excellent comedic timing and four sets of tongues with razor sharp wit." - Liz Gloucester, Two Cents Two Pence