Cave Canem's John Voth performs with Colin Mochrie on May 26th

Most of you have seen our hilarious and bizarre co-producer John Voth spewing his 'comedy' all over social media, in local theatre productions, and at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. But have you seen him perform improv comedy with a personal improv hero of his? Now is your chance! John will be performing improv with Canadian comedy icon Colin Mochrie, a VTSL alumnus, and star of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' to benefit VTS and the Colin Mochrie Scholarship Fund.

According to the Georgia Straight, Colin Mochrie is "one of the most recognizable improvisers in the world...Colin is a great team player. He's so unassuming that when he improvises, it's surprising. He goes off on these tangents or these moments of comedic genius."

And according to the Georgia Straight, John Voth is "almost balletic at times in his comic movement."

For tickets to see Colin Mochrie & John Voth at The Improv Centre on Saturday, May 26, click here.