Cave Canem to produce Cherry Docs by David Gow!

Cherry docs option 2.jpg

In April of 2019 Cave Canem Productions will produce Cherry Docs by Canadian playwright David Gow, as a guest production in Pacific Theatre's season.

In a time of accelerating polarization, Cave Canem is all about reaching across divided lines. Last year we explored this in the context of the family with a wild production of The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh. With Cherry Docs we will explore similar themes across culture and ideology:

Danny is an ambitious Jewish defense lawyer who believes in liberal values and the common good. When he is assigned the case of a young neo-Nazi accused of murder, Danny finds himself defending the life of a man who wishes him dead.

 Will the two of them be able to recognize their shared humanity or will they tear each other apart?

Cherry Docs, a finalist for the Chalmers Play Award, is an unblinking examination of hatred, the explosive effect it has on our society, and the hurdles that confront us as we set about eradicating it.

In an ideal world Iā€™d see you eliminated. In this world I need you more than anyone.
— Mike Downey (from Cherry Docs)