Cherry Docs - Feedback

"I loved this play, it moved me to the core. I am convinced that this play displays some of the best acting of the season. It is also very timely." - Brent Unrau (Audience Member)

[Kenton] Klassen is a revelation. His Mike wears a skin at once loathsome and charismatic, and strips it off in jagged, brittle layers."
- David Johnston

"This is a pressure cooker of a play: a two-hander in the intimate setting of Pacific Theatre. A minimal set. No special effects. Just scorching interaction between Mike and Daniel." 

"It’s impossible to walk away from Cherry Docs without questioning the state of one’s own intolerance." 
-Jo Ledingham

Voth is powerful and convincing as the young lawyer […] Klassen portrays a skinhead with frightening clarity.” 
-Lorraine Graves, The Richmond Sentinel

"The fact that the play was written over 20 years ago dulls none of its incendiary actions; instead, it highlights its urgency and wisdom in a current climate of social unease.” 
-Danny Mak, The Georgia Straight

"Kenton Klassen gives a compellingly real portrayal of the skinhead Mike.”
-Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"Both performances hold us with an oxymoronic allure.

“The name (Cave Canem) is Latin for ‘Beware of the Dog.’ As Cherry Docs shows, Cave Canem is a dog to be reckoned with – impressive bark and plenty of bite."
-Lincoln Kaye, The Vancouver Observer

“Cherry Docs.. is both a visceral and intellectual experience." -Tova Cornfield, The Jewish Independent

Cherry Docs delivers some powerful punches… Klassen’s performance is mesmerizing. His Mike is simultaneously appalling and pathetic, the angry jerk and the increasingly scared kid warring within him.” - Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun