Brandon & Kenton talk "Polarization" in Podcast Episode

The mandate for Cave Canem Productions is "to cultivate community across divided lines". We believe in reaching across the various social gaps, valuing the inherent human dignity in everyone, and encouraging real dialogue. Kenton and Brandon recently weighed in on the increasing polarization of our culture for the Really Really Badly Podcast. They tackle some of the reasons why we are becoming more divided, how tribalism is at play, and what we can do about it. 

Have a listen here: Polarization 

Episode 42: Polarization

When you step back and look at our Western culture, you’d think there would be plenty to unite us nowadays. But if that’s really the case, why does everything seem extremely polarized? And is this polarization something we should worry about?

We are joined by Kenton Klassen today, filling in for Travis. We’re diving into what is causing such toxic tribalism in today’s western culture, and discussing ways we can weed it out of our own lives so that we can see the humanity in everyone – even those we don’t agree with.

About Really Really Badly

Cave Canem's Brandon Bate runs this fantastic weekly podcast about millennial issues. Make sure to have a look at their other episodes: Really Really Badly

We think millennials are a pretty cool generation, despite all the crap they take. With the explosion of the digital age, millennials are forced to face all sorts of new struggles, charter new territories, and break new barriers – issues that have never even been conceptualized in the past. We hope Really Really Badly will be a place those thoughts and ideas can be explored, expressed, deconstructed, debunked, and whatever else needs to happen.