First of all a big THANK YOU to Pacific Theatre for having us in their season! Your support for your people is incredible. Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who donated and came to our fundraisers, we literally couldn't have pulled this off without your generosity of spirit. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to The Lonesome West and to those who told their friends to come. We hope you had a grand ol' time! 

We managed to raise our fundraising goal of $5000, which, combined with ticket and liquor sales helped us to break even! Theatre productions are always a financial gamble and we are thrilled to have landed where we did. 

Finally, thank you to our phenomenal team: Evan Frayne, Shelby Bushell, Maddie Walker, Paige Louter, Sebastien Archibald, Sandy Margaret, Kaitlin Williams, Matthew MacDonald-Bain, Curtis Tweedie, Adam Henderson, and Josh Reynolds.  Everyone brought their A game and their sense of humour. Such a treat! 


Kenton, Brandon, Phil, and John