Cave Canem’s John Voth directs new Jon Bryant music video “Party”!

We had a blast shooting this music video for Jon Bryant’s new song Party. Jon’s album Cult Classic was about to drop and he needed a new video. He mentioned this to John Voth who is a music video fanatic and filmmaker and of course he jumped on the opportunity. In two weeks he came up with this psychedelic party concept and put together a team to shoot it. Cave Canem is known for throwing some of the best parties in Vancouver and we hope you enjoy this one!

“Party is about how easy it is to feel safe in chaos. We spend so much of our lives looking for something greater than ourselves and when we find it we often give our whole selves to it. We make choices that land us inside a tribe we never imagined we’d be a part of. It’s hard to see things objectively when we’re so immersed. Party makes me think of my cognitive blind spots and where I’m not getting the full picture.” - Jon Bryant

Thanks to everyone that worked on this! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Music - Jon Bryant

Director - John Voth

Cinematography - Jason Benson

Production Design - Lacey Anne Oleson

1st Assistant Director - Kenton Klassen

Costume Design - Lizzy B. Houston

Hair & Make Up Design - Carlee Costain

On Set Dresser - Nathan Rinehart

Choreographer - Joanna Anderson

Dancer Performance - Amber Gillespie, Michaila Robinson, Joanna Anderson

Woman at the Party - Ely Jackson

Editor - John Voth

Post Colourist - Lacey Anne Oleson

Cherry Docs - Feedback

"I loved this play, it moved me to the core. I am convinced that this play displays some of the best acting of the season. It is also very timely." - Brent Unrau (Audience Member)

[Kenton] Klassen is a revelation. His Mike wears a skin at once loathsome and charismatic, and strips it off in jagged, brittle layers."
- David Johnston

"This is a pressure cooker of a play: a two-hander in the intimate setting of Pacific Theatre. A minimal set. No special effects. Just scorching interaction between Mike and Daniel." 

"It’s impossible to walk away from Cherry Docs without questioning the state of one’s own intolerance." 
-Jo Ledingham

Voth is powerful and convincing as the young lawyer […] Klassen portrays a skinhead with frightening clarity.” 
-Lorraine Graves, The Richmond Sentinel

"The fact that the play was written over 20 years ago dulls none of its incendiary actions; instead, it highlights its urgency and wisdom in a current climate of social unease.” 
-Danny Mak, The Georgia Straight

"Kenton Klassen gives a compellingly real portrayal of the skinhead Mike.”
-Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"Both performances hold us with an oxymoronic allure.

“The name (Cave Canem) is Latin for ‘Beware of the Dog.’ As Cherry Docs shows, Cave Canem is a dog to be reckoned with – impressive bark and plenty of bite."
-Lincoln Kaye, The Vancouver Observer

“Cherry Docs.. is both a visceral and intellectual experience." -Tova Cornfield, The Jewish Independent

Cherry Docs delivers some powerful punches… Klassen’s performance is mesmerizing. His Mike is simultaneously appalling and pathetic, the angry jerk and the increasingly scared kid warring within him.” - Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun

Cave Canem House Concert - Artist Bios

Ladies and Gents, get ready to have your socks rocked off, literally! Cave Canem is hosting a House Concert Fundraiser. We would love to invite you to a night of dulcet depictions of moving melodies, sweet singing, and rocking riffs.

We have an incredible line up of six ridiculously talented musicians who will be entertaining us on the evening! (Click on their names for music videos if you need any more convincing.) 

JENNY BANAI: She is a fresh and authentic voice who pairs powerhouse vocal abilities with unique and clever pop arrangements and whose live show commands attention. “Her voice is agile and expressive, with uncommon power and control… I’ve watched her stun audiences in clubs and living rooms—including my own!—with her intriguing songs and her charming, unpretentious presentation. (Canadian Rapper, Shad)

DAVID BECKINGHAM: David Beckingham is a founding member and near decade-long guitarist and vocalist with the Juno nominated band Hey Ocean! In May 2016 Beckingham independently released his debut solo album, Just When The Light. The album is loaded with contrast between existential gratitude, and deep, personal unrest. It’s about light and shadow, and the human predisposition toward always yearning for something other than what you have.

JON BRYANT: Jon Bryant is a true artist whose popularity within the international music industry keeps growing and certainly leaving a lasting impression with his unique musical style of haunting-ambient dream-pop and singer/songwriter roots. His forthcoming album "Cult Classic" releases early 2019. “Hands down the best show I’ve ever been to was last winter in the tiny, sold out basement of the Folk Exchange seeing Bryant.” (Teghan Beaudette, CBC)

BRE MCDANIEL: Bre sings with a passion grounded in the desire to be out in the world, to be interested and to be amazed, and to express that amazement with others. You can hear it in her voice. You can hear it in the intimate curiosity and barely restrained joy beneath her lyrics.Her past recordings have been described as having “an ethereal but intimate dream-folk sound.” (The Georgia Straight)

DEREK PITTS: With a whiskey rasp and timeless soulful sound, Derek Pitts and the Bullets ignite excitement in the hearts of listeners.  Marrying Motown and Soul with old school R&B, each song carries a warm familiar tone within its roots while curiously maintaining organic originality. However, when it comes to their energetic live performance and the fiery bourbon-soaked vocal style of Derek Pitts, the experience is unparalleled.  The emotions evoked will inspire the desire for all to sing along, embodying the rustic old soul and youthful excitement of "then and now".

We also have another Vancouver favourite performing…. but it’s a SPECIAL GUEST and you’ll have to come to find out!

Show up early to get a good spot and a drink. Stay after the concert for a classic Cave Canem karaoke party! We’ll have highballs, wine, and 3 taps of beer brewed especially for this event.

There is a $10 Cover and drinks will be by donation. The funds will help us mount our upcoming theatre production, Cherry Docs by David Gow.

We can’t wait to see you there, old friends and new!

Brandon & Kenton talk "Polarization" in Podcast Episode

Brandon & Kenton talk "Polarization" in Podcast Episode

The mandate for Cave Canem Productions is "building community across divided lines". We believe in reaching across the various social gaps, recognizing the inherent human dignity in everyone, and encouraging real dialogue. Kenton and Brandon recently weighed in on the increasing polarization of our culture for the Really Really Badly Podcast. They tackle some of the reasons why we are becoming more divided, how tribalism is at play, and what we can do about it. 

Cave Canem's John Voth performs with Colin Mochrie on May 26th

Cave Canem's John Voth performs with Colin Mochrie on May 26th

Most of you have seen our bizarre  and hilarious co-producer John Voth spewing his ‘comedy’ all over the stage, on social media, and at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. But have you seen him performing improv comedy with a personal improv hero of his? Now is your chance! John will be performing improv with Canadian comedy icon Colin Mochrie, a VTSL alumnus, and star of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' to benefit VTS and the Colin Mochrie Scholarship Fund.