Cave Canem House Concert

Ladies and Gents, get ready to have your socks rocked off, literally. Cave Canem is hosting a House Concert Fundraiser. We would love to invite you to a night of dulcet depictions of moving melodies, sweet singing, and rocking riffs.

We have an incredible line up of musicians who will be entertaining us on the evening! (Click on their names for music vidoes) 


We also have another Vancouver favourite performing…. but it’s a SPECIAL GUEST and you’ll have to come to find out!

Show up early to get a good spot and a drink. Stay after the concert for a ridiculously fun party! We’ll have wine and 3 taps of beer, brewed by our talented friend Ian Graham.

There is a $10 Cover and the funds will help us mount our next theatre production, Cherry Docs by David Gow.

We can’t wait to see you there, old friends and new!

Brandon & Kenton talk "Polarization" in Podcast Episode

Brandon & Kenton talk "Polarization" in Podcast Episode

The mandate for Cave Canem Productions is "building community across divided lines". We believe in reaching across the various social gaps, recognizing the inherent human dignity in everyone, and encouraging real dialogue. Kenton and Brandon recently weighed in on the increasing polarization of our culture for the Really Really Badly Podcast. They tackle some of the reasons why we are becoming more divided, how tribalism is at play, and what we can do about it. 

Cave Canem's John Voth performs with Colin Mochrie on May 26th

Cave Canem's John Voth performs with Colin Mochrie on May 26th

Most of you have seen our bizarre  and hilarious co-producer John Voth spewing his ‘comedy’ all over the stage, on social media, and at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. But have you seen him performing improv comedy with a personal improv hero of his? Now is your chance! John will be performing improv with Canadian comedy icon Colin Mochrie, a VTSL alumnus, and star of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' to benefit VTS and the Colin Mochrie Scholarship Fund.



First of all a big THANK YOU to Pacific Theatre for having us in their season! Your support for your people is incredible. Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who donated and came to our fundraisers, we literally couldn't have pulled this off without your generosity of spirit. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to The Lonesome West and to those who told their friends to come. We hope you had a grand ol' time! 

We've Launched!

Thanks for visiting our brand new website! While you are here you can find information about who we are, our upcoming productions, and how you can support us. There is also a newsletter for you to subscribe to and some great photos. 

Be sure to visit us on instagram, facebook, and twitter by following @cavecanemprod. 

Tune in regularly over the next couple of months as we release more content. 

Welcome to the cave.