Lonesome West Fundraising Campaign

Update: WE DID IT!!! Thank you to everyone who donated, we made our goal of $5000 just in the nick of time. 

What's the story?

We're a mere month out from rehearsal and production on The Lonesome West and need your help to make this show happen. We're looking to raise $5,000 by September 30 to make sure we don't end up having to steal from local wishing wells. As an added bonus, once we reach our goal John will perform a ridiculous feat of fortitude!


Sure, anybody can throw money down a hole but how often does that hole give back? Here's what your sweet moolah will get you (on top of the satisfaction of supporting the arts):

A t-shirt with the Cave Canem logo on it as a reminder of the good times we've shared.

An invitation to a whiskey tasting at the Cave Canem homestead including various whiskeys, and a magic show by resident-man-of-mystery Nathan.