Cherry Docs Fundraising Campaign

Cherry Docs by David Gow * Apr 4-28 * @pacifictheatre Danny is an ambitious Jewish defense lawyer who believes in the common good. When he is assigned the case of an unrepentant neo-Nazi accused of murder, Danny finds himself defending the life of a man who wishes him dead.

Cherry Docs, a finalist for the Chalmers Play Award, is an unblinking examination of hatred, the explosive effect it has on our society, and the hurdles that confront us as we set about eradicating it. 

We believe that this story is important and relevant once again but we need your help to make it happen. Have a look at our trailer below and consider partnering with us. *Warning: Trailer contains strong content. 

Our last production, The Lonesome West, was only possible because we had the support of our amazing community. For this one we are aiming to raise $10 000 by March 28th through private & corporate sponsorship. If you believe in what we are trying to do please consider supporting us with a donation.

Every little bit helps!